Thursday, June 18, 2015


The maestros of electrical fizz & fuzz last graced FEF with the studio jams of WHOK Lab Emissions Vol I. Here they return in full  "proper album" mode: somewhat more considered, but no less incendiary.

As ever, the tracks seem to have formed via unspeakable methodologies of igneous violence and alchemical obscenity. This might be the duo's most punishingly beat-driven release to date, but they still find time for slack-jawed ecstatic droning noise oblivion.

The title refers to fever visions of biomechanical swine experienced by the artists. It's a fitting analogy for the calculated unruliness of this release.

Side One
1) P!!ggz (6.01)
2) Setablaze (3.32)
3) AV Flux (4.54)
4) Endless Bucolica (5.10)

Side Two
1) Noumenon (4.21)
2) Faulterkammer (5.11)
3) Clipd Scene/Blowback (5.50)
4) Permafroste (3.59)

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Whirling Hall Of Knives is: Magnetize + Barry M

BLOOD ROOM - Mazikeen Scheme - FEF39

Currently based in Portland, Oregon, this is the second release from nomadic UK producer Blood Room (Seagrave Records, IXTAB), following the Habitus cassette on Indole Records back in January.

The title references mischievous demons of Jewish mythology, and matches the music's playfully sinister tone, which suggests indefinable dread in haunted post-industrial spaces. Disturbed sonics and gritty beats are set in a spacious mix, and worm their way into the listener's consciousness regardless of consent. A tape of bangers for the agoraphobic. 

Side One
1) N A S (5.54)
2) K'K (6.00)
3) H (4.48)
4) O P (2.50)

Side Two
1) QUELL (5.32)
2) STRAY (5.20)
3) JUBAL (3.38)
4) BARIUM (Ovis Aurum remix)* (5.00)

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*Remix by Gary James Geiler
Cover art by Stuart Munro


Arma and Refusenik are both solo artists based in Vilnius, Lithuania. This release captures a single 18-minute collaborative improvisation on synths and electronics (repeated on both sides of the tape). Sparse abstractions gradually coalesce into plaintive Kosmische harmonies before an eventual dissolve into nothingness. It remains decidedly in the proverbial Zone throughout. 

Kol Kas (18.23)

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Recorded in Vilnius using various synths and electronics 
Mixed & mastered by Arturas Bumsteinas aka Refusenik 
Cover art by Declan Kelly:

GERMAN ARMY - Chigwe - FEF37

This recent interview shed some light on this mysterious California-based project, but it remains harder to fathom their unusual combination of prolificness with a rich, complex style.

Chigwe is a disorienting yet potent mashup of exotic samples and rhythms that may or may not amount to a dream-logic rumination on neocolonialism and orientalism. If any subtext is ambiguous, that's not due to vagueness, but the dizzying collision of vivid, evocative sounds - like shortwave-era Holger Czukay jamming with Lee Perry.

The accompanying digital download includes both sides mixed as they appear on the cassette, as well as the separate individual tracks. 
Side One
1) Mining Consent (2:09)
2) Royal Gold (2:26)
3) Prince of Instinct (2:36)
4) Decorated Hands (3:32)
5) Bedouin Land Claim (1:30)
6) Dark Suit (1:08)

Side Two
1) Contested Grounds (1:25)
2) Bagualeros (2:31)
3) Cross Current (2:57)
4) Trauma Group (2:54)
5) Treacherous Support (2:13)

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German Army is Peter Kris and Norm Heston. 
All songs recorded in San Bernardino, Pomona, and Riverside areas.