Sunday, November 17, 2013


Johannes Schebler's Baldruin has emerged over the last couple of years via a stream of enchanting tapes, including several splits on the SicSic label. His largely acoustic psychedelic miniatures suggest dark fairytale stumbles across strange and spectral things in the deep woods, leaving the listener with fleeting, amorphous impressions. Comparisons are hard to draw, but there are occasional hints of Popul Vuh, or Faust's more pastoral moments.
This album consists of collaborations with 14 like-minded artists, the list of which reads like a partial who's who of the current cassette underground. From Germany: Least Carpet, Flamingo Creatures, Kolter, Hering und seine sieben Sachen, Pretty Lightning, Agnes Beil, and the mysterious Claire. From the US: [n.], Stone Baby, Karnak Temples, and Former Selves: plus Austria's Bird People, Finland's Uton, and Sunhiilow from France. 

The collaborative approach makes for the most varied and kaleidoscopic Baldruin release to date, running to 23 tracks and 67 minutes. 

Side One
1. Verschollen im Zeitloch (feat. Least Carpet) 3.30
2. Die Gestalt mit den Lavafüßen (feat. Flamingo Creatures) 2.06
3. Herz der Finsternis (feat. [n.]) 2.13
4. Grottengesänge (feat. Sunhiilow)  2.33
5. Kein Horizont (feat. Hering und seine sieben Sachen) 2.11
6. Die Reliquie von Ardistan (feat. Bird People) 1.56
7. Der lebendige Schlüssel (feat. Claire) 0.49
8. Houdinis Verwandlung (feat. Flamingo Creatures) 1.30
9. Der blinde Schleifer (feat. Stone Baby) 2.23
10. Heidekraut (feat. Agnes Beil) 3.13
11. Das rote Korallenriff (feat. Karnak Temples) 3.44
12. Impulse (feat. Kolter) 3.12
13. In der Höhle des Hypsignathus (feat. Uton)  7.00

Side Two
1. Bis zum Grund (feat. Bird People)  2.26
2. Kap der Angst (feat. Hering und seine sieben Sachen & Pretty Lightning)  2.44
3. Sonnenflug (feat. Bird People) 2.10
4. Vladimirs Zaubertrunk (feat. Flamingo Creatures)  1.41
5. Weltraumrennen (feat. Pretty Lightning)  1.50
6. Another Time (feat. Claire)  3.12
7. Fliegende Klingen (feat. Stone Baby)  3.24
8. Betrunken im Traum (feat. Karnak Temples)  3.41
9. Lichterloh war einmal (feat. Least Carpet)  3.28
10. Im Mondschein (feat. Former Selves)  5.30

Cover art by Johannes Schebler

100 copies, includes download code

BUCHIKAMASHI - Out of Body Experience - FEF19 - SOLD OUT

Buchikamashi, aka Shin Buchikama, aka Ginoha label head Hiroshi Mizuno, has been refining his idiosyncratic new age style over a slew of concise cassette releases. Any crystals'n'yoga connotations of the genre are undercut by mischievous humour and sonic intensity. This blissed-out astral trip takes unexpected detours into dense passages that, like a potent psychedelic, may induce ecstasy or paranoia depending on mood. But, of course, transcendence has to hurt a little bit.

Composed and Channeling By Shin Buchikama 
Synthesizer, field recording, Tibetan bells, mixed By Mizuhiro 

Recorded between January - March 2013 

Cover art by Karen Constance 

100 copies, includes download code.