Saturday, June 1, 2013

INNERCITY - Mental Institution for Outsider Drone Music - FEF16 - SOLD OUT

Innercity is Belgian Hannss Dens' prolific and relentlessly exploratory synth project, which stands in contrast to the prevailing escapist vibes of the synth underground in favour of a more visceral, rough-hewn soundworld.

As the title hints, this release is Innercity at its most askew and disorientating, evoking grimy urban scenes infused with comedown paranoia and sleep-deprived jitteriness. The two long tracks are more sustained and less episodic than much of Dens' earlier work.

1. Eben Ezer    (17.59)
2. Ï€gfaces       (18.13)

All music by Hannss Dens, February 2013

Art by Alan Doyle


Modulator ESP is Nottingham resident Jez Creek’s vehicle for improvised electronica. While most obviously indebted to Kosmische pioneers such as Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream, Creek’s long-form, mercurial and intensely psychedelic explorations veer unpredictably between noise, drone and ambient. As well as a host of self-released CDRs, Jez performs live every fortnight on the show Adventures in Sound.

"Inner Cosmos" is a massive 90-minute trip taking in shifting  seismic drones, clouds of atonal noise and unexpected oases of  melody.

1. From Spaces Within (45:04)
2. To Spaces Without (44:27)

Compiled from live improvised recordings made on 13.06.12 and
12.12.12, edited and mixed on 24.03.13.
Instruments used: nord modular, nord modular g2, blofeld, op-1 and ipad running waveshaper, samplewiz, modaxis and igendyn.